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King James Bible
I Kings 10:14 and II Chronicles 9:13
“Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold” (about 49,950 pounds or £3,996,000 today – estimates by
Note that a very specific amount was written in relation to gold which has today the currency symbol of: XAU (X stands for Currency and Au is the Mendeleev Chemical Periodic Table Symbol for Gold). [ ] The cashless currency of the Prince Antichrist to become Chairman and then Emperor will also have the “X” in the Stock Exchange system. There is no reason to doubt that Apocalypse 13:18 is building on I Kings 10:14 and II Chronicles 9:13. The simple fact that the number 666 is not used anywhere else in Scripture, guarantees that any Biblically literate 1st-century person reading or hearing the Apocalypse would immediately turn to those passages. Where else could he go? Nebuchadnezzar’s graven image is 60 cubits tall and 6 cubits across (Daniel 3:1). The Monument of Washington, DC is 6,666 inches tall and 666 feet adding all its dimensions in feet: length, width and height. Washington, DC (Leader of the Western Foot leading the Western Forces of NATO or Modern Assyria) as well as Little Horn region by Centreville, Delaware and Rome, Italy (Vatican) as well as Beijing, China (Leader of the Eastern Foot leading the Kings of the East) are all in the 40° parallel latitude. Note: GPS coordinates are not perfect because the planet is not a perfect sphere. Threescore = is an archaic word for 60. It is a set with 3 times 20 members. The Greek symbol of 60 (lowercase = x) (Uppercase = X or in a handwritten form which is very similar to the mathematical symbol of “Equivalency” ≡ ) has 3 lines or scores in which each one represents a “20” therefore 3 x 20 = 60. Our money currency today use only 1 and 2 scores. Threescore also refers to a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used; “a set of books”; “a set of golf clubs”; “a set of teeth”. His cashless money currency shall have a mark to be denominated in stock exchange with an “X” at the beginning and threescore rather than one score or two score as we use today in our money currency throughout the different countries in our planet.
Examples: US Dollar $ ; Nigerian Naira ₦; South Korea Won ₩; Euro €; British Pound £; ¥ (Same symbol for China’s Yuan & Japan’s Yen), Costa Rica Colon ₡; Cuban Pesos ₱; Rupees ₨; Mongolia Tugriks ₮; and Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴.
Note: The symbol of Euro is the Greek Numeral (900) Sampi Ϡ (flipped horizontally)
None of the countries or individuals or organizations YET use Threescore. The Antichrist shall have his own individual currency mark with a Threescore. This only resolve Part A of the Mark of the Beast that has 3 components.
Apoc. 13:17
A. Component A = is the mark of a cashless currency (Scriptural Clue: King Solomon’s gold was 666 talents per year). This will be practical by means of an RFID chip and other means in third world countries. All previous 7 heads/empires of Satan from Assyria to Rome had their own version of the mark of the beast such as Tattoos, burning marks, etc. The Mark of the Beast will not be imposed in people. That is, the government officials will not go after you under your bed. It is you who will go after them once you realize that you no longer can have your mobile phone or cigarette or cable TV or lose your child over a mild fever in a hospital as you cannot pay them. Nothing bad will happen in the beginning for those who have the mark just as nothing bad happened to Adam & Eve for the first 200 to 300 years as they would have still look young and vigorous as before but their decline came after. Once you are no longer able to pay your taxes then you no longer could hold your job. Then at that moment, the government will go after you for not paying taxes. There is no amount of ink or microchips to mark everybody and for that reason the procedure will be like that: By exception rather than by the rule and it will be worldwide.
Part B. Name of the Beast = that means that the code is also “Alpha” as in Alphanumeric
Part C. Number of the Beast = that means that the code is also “Numeric” as in Alphanumeric
It must calculated somehow into the name of the Prince (Daniel 9:26). Notice that Presidents use last names but Princes uses FIRST NAMES. Notice that Popes uses TWO FIRST NAME plus a Roman Numeral. In addition, the name of Jesus after calculation it equals to 888. Therefore, Prince is the only title that qualifies. Note: 1776 ÷ 2 = 888. Note: 1776 = 666 + 1110

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