WPTV Local Floridian Travels to Costa Rica for Dental Tourism


Some Americans, like Melissa Freihofer, feel their dollar will go a long ways overseas. As a surprise for her birthday her friends & family put together funds to treat her on a much deserved trip to Costa Rica. Melissa will get her teeth fixed at Meza Dental, located in Costa Rica a country popular with American tourists, known for it’s beauty, but also for its dentists. Melissa will be rejuvenating her smile through two sessions that will replace her teeth with a full set of implants totaling ,000 including travel and accommodations; at a fraction of the cost for the same treatment in the states.

State leaders recently proposed a bill that would put millions of dollars towards medical tourism advertisement. “Medical tourism isn’t a new trend, ” said Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association. She said for decades, millions have traveled to other countries for medical procedures. Visit Florida, the official tourism marketing group for the state, has created a 2.5 million dollar grant program to encourage medical tourism here. With alluring beaches and tropical weather, Stephano said Florida could become a top destination for medical tourism, while also cashing in on a million-dollar industry.

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