World Wildlife Day Costa Rica, a model for the protection of wildlife


World Wildlife Day, which celebrated every year on March 3 as proclaimed by the United Nations. Known as the “garden of Central American”, Costa Rica is often regarded as a model for the protection of wild animals and plants.

As early as 2013, the Costa Rican government had begun a procedure, trying to close down the country’s only two public zoos. Rene Castro, the Minister of Environment at the time, said the Costa Rican don’t want to see animals being imprisoned in any form, and the zoo would only accept injured animals for temporary medical treatment.
In Costa Rica, there are even more animals than human. Walking on the streets of rural area, a variety of animals would easily be spotted, raccoon, howler monkey, white egrets and cara cara eagle can often be seen.
People believe that Costa Rica does not need any zoos, because a half of the country is covered with forests, and a quarter of the country is within the of national conservation area. When people wants to see animals, just go to the national parks or wildlife sanctuary to see them living free in the nature.
In Costa Rica, from president to villagers, the entire country considered wildlife protection as one of the most important things. They are against the zoo and the aquarium. Even in the remote village, people talk about how to protect animal from outside harms.

[SOUNDBITE] JESUS, Villager in Cano Negro
Well, taking good care of them, not harming their natural habitat and protecting from all kinds of predators, let’s say, most of all, the human, the man, who does a lot of damage. If we do that the protection would be more than enough.

When wildlife protection becomes a public consensus, when tourists and kids watch animals in national parks, where they actually belong to, this would probably be a good way to let human get along with animals.

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