Where Wild Runs Off Luxury. Botanika Curio Hilton Costa Rica.


Hilton Curio Nature Residences plan on stripping forest of trees and filing in precious water to build a Hilton Resort in Costa Rica. Hilton plans on turning the precious Osa Peninsula into another Tama”gringo”, or Quepos. Botanika – Crocodile Bay Marina, Bay Resort and Spa in Southern Costa Rica is the newest and biggest fishing disaster. Botanika means Doubletree, which means Double disaster for trees in rainforest.

Where luxury RUINS wild ! Crocodile Bay Resort & Marina
The Sanctuary at Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Crocodile Bay Resort to break ground in 2016, THIS YEAR! Cory Williams is planning on building Biggest Fishing Marina in Costa Rica. Plans are under way to break ground and construct 6 story $ 50,000,000 mega marina with no sign of sustainability anywhere on their websites, check it out – osaliving, the costa rica marina, sanctuary at osa, and their regular web page- crocodile bay lodge, crocodile bay marina or crocodile bay resort and spas, osa living in Puerto Jimenez. Tricky these fisherman are.
Currently there are no concessions from gravel and sand extraction from Osa’s rivers. Which means all their sand and gravel will come from Rio Tigre illegally. All their wood will come from rainforest, endangering these species.

The natural report card is impressive:
* More than 700 species of trees, with close to 80 being endemic
* 463 types of birds, including the largest population of Scarlet Macaws in the country
* 140 species of mammals, including the exotic tapirs and jaguars
* 117 kinds of reptiles and amphibians
* More than 25 kinds of dolphins and whales
* 4 types of sea turtles
Covering an area of 700 square miles, this last remaining stretch of tropical humid rainforest in Costa Rica is estimated to hold 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity.The southern Pacific Ocean, and especially Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf), are vital breeding and reproducing areas for endangered hammerhead sharks and the world’s migrating Pacific Humpback Whales. Activists have begun a campaign to create a “Multiple Use Marine Protected Area” for the waters along the entire coast of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, to safeguard the abundant yet threatened marine life. What could Crocodile Bay be thinking ?

The Osa Peninsula protects more than 366,000 acres of land and sea in at least 13 national parks, wildlife refuges and private reserves – the largest being the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve (149,593 acres), Corcovado National Park (104,900 acres), Terraba Sierpe National Wetlands (66,850 acres), and Piedras Blancas National Park (34,642 acres). The lawsuits kept Crocodile Bay from starting construction for four years, but Williams said they NOW they plan to start building the million project by the end of the year. The marina’s permits allow for a 257-slip dock, 107 to be built by the hotel. Crocodile Bay said the project would create 400 new direct jobs and 400-800 more indirect jobs. Additionally, the marina will have a regulated gas station – which means it would comply with governmental environmental standards and be built so that gas does not seep into the water – and sewage pump-out services.

Currently, there is no regulated marina in the Golfo Dulce to provide those services.“Right now, we have boats in the gulf that cause a lot of contamination as it is,” Williams said. “Our marina is going to clean that up. How is that going to clean things up? Cory states he will. “ apply order and allow the government to keep that in check.”
Cory Williams does not care about Wildlife “ Indeed” Where luxury ruins the wild !

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