What is SEO? Simple Definition of SEO/Seach Engine Optimization


Ever really want to know the simple and easy to understand version of “what SEO is”?

Tired of all the confusion, and details that make your head spin? Well, in it’s most general form, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

However, there are many components to SEO, and a ton of factors that help improve your SEO.

So the questions are:

1: “What Is SEO”?

2: “What is Wrong With My SEO”?

3: “How Do I Improve My SEO”?

Just taking a few simple steps into knowing what exactly SEO is, can reap you great rewards even if you are a “do it yourself” kind of person.

In this video, we talk about exactly what it is, how search engine optimization is viewed by search engines and people, and what exactly are the first steps to attain a better grasp of SEO.

The first simple test, is by finding the initial problems in your SEO and what exactly you can do to start making it better.

In order to understand what Search Engine Marketing is and test your site to see if it is utilizing it correctly, you can go here

Here you will find out what is SEO and what good methods you can use to help your site get better SEO. Once you get your test results, it will put you in a place to get better at it, and ultimately understand what SEO is.

Now check above for the latest information on search engine optimization practices and get your free test for your website or blog.

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