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As Auckland grows, so does the competition and as competition grows it becomes more and more important that you establish your brand online as fast as possible. This page was created to explain what exactly SEO is, what it can do for your business and how you can start dominating your region to acquire more customers than ever before.

What Is SEO?

Before I jump into SEO Auckland, let me first explain what SEO is and what it can mean for your business. SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It essentially means how optimised and trusted your website is in the eyes of search engines and this is made up from a lot of different factors such as backlinks, domain authority, page authority, keyword density and a whole bunch of other buzzwords with my favourite being the ‘trust funnel.’

When people talk about search engine optimisation they only talk about Google and I’ve had a lot of people asking why that is. The reason why is because Google is dominating the search engine industry. Google search makes up around 65% of total searches. Microsoft sites make up around 20%, Yahoo! makes up around 13% and others like AOL make up the rest. So the mindset usually is, why focus on Bing when that only makes up 20% of the search engine market? Let’s just focus on Google and gain the biggest benefit possible.

But there is also another reason. Most search engines (especially the big two) have similar ranking factors. This means if you’re going up the ranks on Google, you’re most likely going to be going up the ranks on Bing as well! Yeah, that’s two birds with one stone (which I recently realized is a horrible saying!).

To put it simply, SEO Auckland is the fastest most cost effective way to dominate your local region and earn a massive return on your investment. Our SEO Auckland package is for companies in Auckland who want to improve their SEO the right way. We are a 100% white hat SEO agency that has over 8 years of experience in local and national SEO. Best part? We’re based in Auckland so you’ll be getting a local SEO company to help you every step of the way (and more importantly, do all the hard work for you!).

Like I mentioned before you really want to dominate your local search engine optimisation as this is the most cost effective way to get the highest return on your investment. So whether you’re just getting started in the online world or have been established for years now, make sure you dominate your local region first.

Just to give you an example to show you how few companies have done this, no banks in New Zealand have optimised their local results yet… That is ridiculous! So make sure you are smarter than the banks and dominate your local region today.

SEO doesn’t have to be a mysterious industry so Steven from BigBangly is here to start shedding light on one of the worlds most mysterious and misunderstood terms.

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