What Does Serp Shaker Do For SEO?


We have been asked several times what the WordPress plugin “Serp Shaker” does for SEO and how does it work. Since it’s a plugin that we use in our businesses, we wanted to break it down and start off with a quick, and simple, example that shows the most important aspects of the plugin through a quick “hands on” demonstration.

There was an issue with the recording and the ending got clipped – not to worry, nothing important was cut off as I just updated the page and was signing off.

We’ll be making some more videos going into even more detail about specific uses of the plugin – things like silo setup, correct categories, how to build out sites in minutes with 10,000+ pages, and more.

This quick demo shows how you can put the plugin to work and hopefully will help you generate some ideas of your own. There are a lot of reviews out there, but the goal of this video, and follow on videos, is to let you see what it’s capable of and you can make the choice whether or not this is the right tool for your SEO toolbox.

Using this plugin you can test keywords and build out huge sites in hours or minutes once you know what you’re doing. It takes some time to get everything together, but it is well worth the effort!

Ready to put it to work? Grab the plugin here:

Once you build out the site you can use it in many different ways as talked about in the video: verifying low competition areas, lead generation, testing competition for video ranking follow up, and more.

We initially did a webinar with some very in depth details given by Bradley, you can view that here:

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