Walking the Talk: Rural Youth Voice for Green and Inclusive Growth in Costa Rica


World Bank Innovation Proposal – LC2SD

In the face of climate change, to sustain the achievements of the past two decades, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2021, the Government of Costa Rica asked the World Bank to develop a strategic and innovative approach for “Green and Inclusive Growth” in productive rural landscapes to inform a 10 year strategy.

This proposal will inform the strategy from the “bottom-up,” targeting a specific group of stakeholders — rural youth. The rural youth will inherit landscape management, and adding their voice to the national dialogue will be a powerful tool, promoting long-term advocacy by future stewards of Costa Rica’s environment.

Costa Rica has among the highest cellphone and internet penetration rates in Latin America which will be leveraged to engage rural youth through a two-pronged crowdsourcing engagement on green growth, climate change, livelihoods, and carbon neutrality.

The first prong is social media engagement, pulling sources together into a composite website. The second is a series of qualitative data collection events in selected communities encouraging the participation of poor and vulnerable rural youth without social media access.

The resulting qualitative analysis will identify gaps and compliment the current ongoing quantitative analyses, supporting the strategy development and guiding future investments.

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