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Affordable Virtual Assistant, Anyone?

Affordable virtual assistant? Well, you see there are two things that must be clarified in this phrase. The first one is virtual assistant and the other one is the adjective – affordable. For many businessmen, virtual assistant is not a new thing. You may have heard of it before or you may even have a friend or two who hire one. However, there are still a lot others who do not know how this work. So, for them, let me define a virtual assistant.

Blame it on technology and the internet for these are what brought the possibility of hiring a virtual assistant (VA). The VA functions as an administrative personnel taking the dirty job out of the executives hands. Several of the specific functions being done by a VA are making business letters and following them up, answering emails, letters or calls, contacting clients, writing proposals, sometimes even bookkeeping and a lot more. These are the tasks that you would rather designate to someone else because doing them on your own would use a lot of time that would have been used for more important purposes.

If you look at it, a virtual assistant is no difference with an administrative assistant. Function-wise, I would agree, the difference is that a VA does not work inside your office. This employee works in his own home or office at the other side of the globe.

Now, let us get to the next issue. What does affordable mean? Earlier I said affordable virtual assistant because that is what they actually are. Even if you are a small-time businessman or someone who is just getting started, you can definitely afford the services of a VA. The salary of a VA is a bit lesser than that of an administrative assistant working inside your office. In some cases, they can go around 20% or more cheaper but you see, it is not only in the salary that you get to cut cost. There are other things that make it very appealing to hire a VA such as the following:

*minimal training cost you do not have to let your VA attend costly trainings because in the first place, these people are already trained and have experiences about the tasks that need to be accomplished. You may provide refresher trainings which you or any online software may provide.
*no additional compensation no bonuses, leave benefits, overtime pay, legal holiday pay, night differentials and all other federal mandated benefits would be given. It is just the salary that you need to think about. Imagine, how much saving you will get from that.
*savings on space and equipment you are not required to make an office expansion to accommodate additional employees nor would you need to buy additional equipment (i.e. computers, tables, chairs, etc) because your VA would have his own.

Now that you understand what and affordable virtual assistant is, why not hire one for your own business? You would definitely enjoy the benefits you will get from a VA and you will see the wonders this will do for your business.

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