Universal Declaration of Human Rights violations by the de facto President of Costa Rica Oscar Arias


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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights for Costa Rica violated by the de facto President of Costa Rica – Oscar Arias, Rodrigo Arias, Johnny Araya, la Nacion, el Banco Central, el PLN, US Gov,/ Embassy of Costa Rica – Ann Andrew, Luis Paulino Mora of the Supreme Court and their cartel of transnational corporations and the Oscar Arias “US vetted” secret ultra repressive Presiential Police of the United States. The Direccion de Inteligencia y Seguridad – La DIS a paramilitary organization. An appendage of the CIA.

The ex president of Costa Rica says “Oscar Arias is the most indecent and corrupt dictator that Costa has ever had.”

La DIS, the Direccion de Inteligencia y Seguridad “receives their orders exclusively from the (de facto) President of Costa Rica, (Oscar Arias).

Oscar Arias, with logistical support of the U.S., mandates harassment, death threats, violations of the Constitution of Costa Rica – Article #11, #28… violence against women and the handicapped, espionage, persecution, raids, terror, extortion, blackmail, humiliation, extra-judicial retaliation, and beatings of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Costa Rican citizens with total immunity from any crimes comitted.

Against all estsblished laws, the Constitution of Costa Rica and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of which the U.S. and Costa Rican Governments are signees to, all juducial redress by the victims of Oscar Arias/US are blocked by the Presidential Police of Oscar Arias/Supreme Court – Luis Mora and the US through throwing in the trash “amparos” – (“constitutional suits” against this illegal paramilitary apparatus) and via threats, intimidation, raids and beatings to remain quite or else.

The success of the Oscar Arias/US Presidential Police – la DIS lies in threats not only to target victims but more importantly extends to innocent extended family members who become subjugated hostages to future violence, terror and retaliation for failure to comply.

These tactics of terror are for the perpetuation of the Arias/US/transnational companies own interests and their self enrichment to insure profit margins for the Arias cartel and the U.S.minority oligarchy who control the judicial system, the political power, the economic power and the total totalitarian control of the media and the dissemination of information – La Nacion, la Republica, la Extra, el Financiero, Canal 4, 6, 7.., US media.. radio, internet….

The U.S. Government/Embassy of Costa Rica/DIS intercepts and block our emails, threatens journalists, reporters, human rights organizations (in the U.S.) and all who come in contact with us to keep quite about these flagrante human rights abuses and their connections under threat of extreme duress.

They threaten all without predjudice.

There is no one to protect the population from this malfesance and criminal activity.

No one.

Gary Christensen

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