Titles and SEO – Optimizing Title Meta Tag and Page Title


In Episode 2 of my Healthy Blogging series, I provide a very simple but useful tip regarding search engine optimization (SEO). Nothing on a web page is more important from an SEO perspective than the title of the page; and by “title of the page” I’m not necessarily talking about the blog post or page title that a user sees.

Every web page also has (or can/should have) a title defined by a meta tag. This title (also referred to as an “SEO title”) is the first thing a search engine robot sees when it comes to your page and indexes it. If the rest of your page matches up with the keyword cues dictated by your title tag, you’ll have a much better chance of ranking for those keywords.

But optimizing an SEO title and an on-page title are two different activities with distinct goals and strategies. In this video I provide a brief overview of the differences between the two and how each should be used. Plus, if you don’t know how to define an SEO title, I show you and easy tool for WordPress that allows you to do so.

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