There’s a WAR Ship In Costa Rica


Costa Rica was the first country in the world to formally abolish its military. This is a great source of pride for its people and those that have chosen to call Costa Rica their home.

However, this lack of armed forces puts Costa Rica in a paradox with an ever escalating crime and violence problem associated with regional drug gangs and cartels trafficking in narcotics.

Much to the dismay of many, the Costa Rican government invited the United States Navy and Marines into an expanded role as Presidenta Chinchilla admitted this small country with no military does not have the resources to effectively patrol its own waters.

In attempts to pacify the vocal opposition, the Costa Rica government stated U.S. Navy ships would be rendering “humanitarian” aid which did little more than fan the flames of discontent for many.

So with the first U.S. WAR ship anchored in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica Blogger went to investigate what the foreign troops were really up to!…

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