Theft and Crime on the Buses in Costa Rica


Finding transportation traveling around Costa Rica can be a challenge at times. For those of us that use the public buses this information is going to come in handy. There are a number of public buses zooming around Costa Rica and they make for a very cheap way to get around. However, they have been know to attract criminals catering to Ticos and tourist. The bus usually has one or two storage compartments for your bags. If your bags are larger they will fit on the buses underbelly just fine. However, It has been a problem with travelers in Costa Rica to find out that their bags were taken out from the bottom compartment somewhere along the ride. And the other alternative is a small compartment above your seats. This top compartment has also been known to attract passengers to casually walk off the bus with someones bags. If you do any research at all on bus crime you will find that this is a huge problem in Costa Rica. DO NOT fall asleep on those long bus rides and expect to wake up to your bags in the same place! DO NOT read a book or look out the window the whole time and expect your bags to be in the same place! KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR THINGS!!

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