Theft and Crime in Costa Rica


Who’s responsible for the majority of theft problems in Costa Rica. Is it as bad as they say, or do the tourists need to wake up and smell the coffee, or maybe just watch their stuff a little better? Check out this video to find out.

The Costa Rica Travel Channel and Travel Costa Rica Now does not wish to scare you. We are merely reminding you of things you forgot you knew when traveling abroad. The majority of crime as it pertains to travelers (petty theft) in Costa Rica, can pretty much be avoided if you just follow of few simple rules. You will notice that these rules pretty much apply to any tourist destination in the world.

Where ever you are at any given time i.e., your surroundings be- attentive, watchful, aware, vigilant, ready to act, observant, on the alert, and on the ball.

So, a guy that makes about a buck an hour sees this video camera sitting on the passenger seat of this car Never leave valuables in plain sight while in your car, even for an minute.

Pickpockets are mostly found in San Jose and they love to use distraction to relieve you of your valuables. Scam- Someone accidentally spills something on you, and someone else playing the good Samaritan quickly arrives to help. Always keep your wallet and passport in your front pockets if you do have to carry your passport.

If a sketchy person approaches your vehicle while you are stopped at a traffic light or sign, sound the car horn and start foaming at the mouth as its all about perception.

When you can avoid it, never carry your passport with you. Instead, make a copy of the front page AND the page that has your entry stamp from immigration on it. This will usually suffice in a pinch.

Just because a person can speak English does not mean they are your friend.

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