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Use These SEO Tools to Increase Your YouTube Views and Subscribers

Here are 3 of the tools I use to determine the keywords and phrases that will help my videos perform well with search engine optimization. The tools are: 1. Google Search Autofill 2. AdWords Keyword Tool - 3. SerpStat Discover A Lot More

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Do YOU make these 5 Vacation Mistakes? Know Before You Go!

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid when booking your Costa Rica Vacation. FREE Costa Rica travel info: Frog TV brings you the top 5 mistakes that many people make when booking thier trip down here to Costa Rica. Check out the list so that Discover A Lot More

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What’s Wrong with These Photos? — Costa Rican Vacation

You sent them, and Ellen put them on the show! Check out these photos with just a little something wrong with them, and in some cases, a little man. Got a photo like this for Ellen to see? Send it here! Discover A Lot More