Stop Doing What Everyone Else Does (Travel Blog 12) Quepos, Costa Rica


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In this travel video blog I realized that I needed to take time for myself and not just try to cross things off my list of things to do here in Costa Rica. Today I could have gone surfing, hiking, exploring the National Park, had coffee at the market, and gone salsa dancing, but really what I needed to do was sit in a hammock and just enjoy it. While traveling it’s easy to get caught up in doing what the guidebook, or all the other travelers say you should be doing, but just like in life, you don’t need to listen to that.

No matter where your travels take you, remember that you don’t have to fall into doing what society tells you, and you should put yourself first, especially if you ever plan on serving other people.

This video shot outside of Quepos, Costa Rica near Manuel Antonio, National Park on Under30Experiences.

Themes in this video include: breaking status-quo, travel blog, taking time for yourself, being present, how to not do what society tells you

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