Starting an Eco Friendly Coffee Farm in Costa Rica


What does it take to start a green coffee farm? We travel to Costa Rica to discover how one Canadian is taking a cow pasture in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica and turning it into an eco-friendly coffee farm.

That may not seem like such a big deal, but more and more forests and jungles are chopped down to make way for cow pastures every year. This reality has created issues with land erosion, compromised watersheds, loss of habitat corridors not to mention the increase of atmospheric methane gas thanks to all those cows!

But putting in a bunch of coffee plants does not an eco-farm make! Randy Coleman of Baya Rica Farm shares all of the extra choices that he’s made to ensure that his coffee growing venture has minimal impact on the planet. From where the plants come from, to how they’ll be watered and fertilized, right down to how they’ll be dried using natural methods.

So, grab a cup of joe and join us for a trip down to Costa Rica where we learn to appreciate our eco-friendly coffee a little more.

A big gracias to Randy, Alexis and Conny for showing us the lay of the land and the way of the coffee. Randy’s coffee plants produced their first crop in 2014. He’s roasting them fresh now at his Calgary-based cafe.

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