Setting up Backlinks to Maximise SEO Ranking


Setting up Backlinks to Maximise SEO Ranking

Rightly or wrongly, when it comes to link-building, most lawyers I know would rather chew their arm off than pay an SEO expert for a link-building programme. On a limited budget, the commercial temptation to give us a heap of poor quality links would be high.

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But offer us a backlink from a useful and reputable resource and well bite your hand off! For example, a blog in a widely read online newspaper.

Backlink from SEO Keyword
When presented with such an opportunity, we need to make sure that the backlink to our website is from one of our main SEO keywords.

Lets assume that we work for a firm of solicitors based in say Cambridge, then among our main keyword phrases will be Cambridge Solicitors and Solicitors in Cambridge. The link back to our website should be from one of these keyword phrases, rather than from the name of the firm, the reason being Googles crawling software recognises the meaning of the words Cambridge Solicitors. It wont, however, tend to recognise our law firms name in a way which will be of help for SEO purposes.

Additionally, if the article is specific to a particular topic e.g. residential conveyancing, then the backlink needs to be to our residential conveyancing landing page — this will be more useful to our blog reader than to our home page. In that event, our keyword phrase would be something like Residential Conveyancers in Cambridge. There is also an opportunity to bump up the SEO for the author of the blog post.

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