SEO Video – Part 5 – What is Search Engine Indexing?


First, let’s look at indexing.
What does it mean to have the search engines “index” your site?
It simply means that your site, or web pages, were indeed found and included in the search engine database such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Every time a “web spider” (Googlebot for instance) crawls your website, it takes a snapshot of your website content and places that content in their database…it indexes your web pages.
Since Google now has your web page indexed it takes only milliseconds for Google to match your web page up to a search query and display your web page in its search results.
“Okay,” you ask, “So why should I care about spiders or bots or whatever? Why do I need to know this stuff?”
Well, let’s answer that question with a question?
Have you ever had to ask, “Why can’t I find my web pages in the search engines?”
Perhaps you have a hundred web pages on your site but can only find a few of them or none of them! If so, then the most likely answer is because the “web spider” (GoogleBot, in Google’s case) could not find or access your web pages properly in order to index them or perhaps there is not enough concise content to determine what you have to offer. It’s simple; if you want your pages to be indexed (included in the search engine database) then you must give the search engine spiders what they need.
And that’s where SEO comes in.
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