SEO Tutorial: What is SEO and How it Works? Part1


SEO Training: What is SEO and how does the Search Engine Work?

Hi welcome to this video series where I explain how you can SEO your website.
What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization consist on the process of configuring your website so it can achieve better rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo. As a result, you receive more free traffic from them.

What Type of Traffic You Get?

I consider the search engine traffic to be one of the best ones out there. The fact is if you rank your website for the right keywords, you’ll get highly targeted traffic.

In other words, people who are interested in your website’s content, and possibly products or services.

What’s a Keyword?

A keyword is anything that you type into the search box so you can find more information. For instance:

– What is SEO?
– Best prices for PC
– How to bake a chocolate cake?

What Makes a Good Keyword?

Not all keywords are created equally. I mean, some keywords have more searches than others. Typically, the broader the term more people you have searching for it. For example:

Keyword, “Apples” is broader than “Apples and Oranges.” For this reason, it has more people searching for Apples and other search phrases that contain the word Apple within it.

In most cases, the broader the term the more competition it has. This includes websites that have been around for ages, have tones of pages, backlinks and Google trusts them.

If you are starting a new website you can’t simply expect to compete with them, why?

1 st – Your website is new and Google doesn’t trust new websites.
2 nd – You don’t have many pages, nor backlinks, nor nothing!

For this reason, it’s far easier for you to go after keywords with far less competition. More commonly, this are keywords which have also less traffic. However, less traffic doesn’t mean they aren’t profitable to rank for!

This means, you have websites that are highly influential on Google

Where Should You Place Your Main Keyword?

You should always place your most important keywords in the meta title and url of a particular page. These places are the ones that Google gives the most importance.

How Does Google Rank a Website?

The search engines have robots that roam around the Internet going from one website page to another. They search for keywords within the content of the website to figure what it is about.

Afterward, depending on the authority of that website on the Internet and how well that website’s page is SEO, they rank it where it belongs in their search engine page results.

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What is SEO and How Does The Search Engine Work?

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