SEO Techniques For 2013


Today Andy guides us through what it means to do SEO in 2013 and which tactics are still effective.

Andy suggests you look back on the previous 12 months of data through 2012 and ask yourself if you got the rankings, traffic and custom you thought you’d receive? A good place to start would be keyword research to refresh your data as some of the words you were targeting months ago may no longer be relevant or have the search volume they previously had.

Other On-Page elements such as title tags, Meta Descriptions and content should be readdressed to check that it’s still up to date, relevant to your users and it’s quality still reflects the type of service you provide. In this refresh it’s also worth inspecting whether you’re still writing for the user or whether you’ve started writing for search engines instead. If it’s the latter, it’s important you rectify this.

Another SEO technique that you should be utilising is social. No matter your business model or what your product or service offering is, you will always have something to say and add to your industry, whether that’s on you blog or on social. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can always check out what your competition are doing; how they’re managing it, what they’re sharing and where. It’s important to secure your brand name on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Link Building techniques have changed over the last 12 months as the emphasis has changed in terms of link building for your brand, as opposed to exact match anchor text or keywords. Brands used to go after certain keywords or anchor text but now you should vary this more, using around 70% of brand links and the rest should go after key terms.

Content Marketing can be used to build links with strategies such as infographics, whitepapers, videos and blog posts; giving people valuable information as opposed to just creating it for a link.

Andy also recommends ditching old SEO tactics such as creating duplicate content, scraping content, hiding text and a variety of other black hat SEO techniques. Start to look at some of these tactics your site has been using, rectify them where possible and start to work in a more white hat way moving forward.

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