SEO Question- White Hat vs Black Hat vs …


Black Hat SEO? White Hat SEO? Gray Hat SEO? What do they all really mean?

If you are stuck asking these questions the most valuable thing you can do is break that paradigm altogether. Until you are ready to do whatever it takes and accept what comes from that, you’ll probably hop from technique to technique and buy more shiny object opportunities on the internet than you dreamt were imaginable. All with the promise of one thing… That final thing you can use to be complete in your SEO knowledge.

Let me help you break that paradigm with a few questions: What does Google really want? Profit. Ok, next question: How does Google make money? People use it’s search engine. Ok, so how does Google get people to use the search engine? It has to find valuable content and put it on the first page of Google’s SERPs. Keyword there: Value.

Your biggest friend in the SEO industry is quality. Do whatever it takes to put quality at the top of Google. Be on Google’s side in the SEO battle to put spam and crap where it belongs, out of the first page of the SERPs.


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