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Why Your Marketing Desperately Needs a Change

One of the questions I get asked most often when talking to business owners about SEO for their business is why do they need it? The fact of the matter is that many people don’t understand what SEO really is, let alone the benefits of it. But if you are not employing any SEO into your marketing strategy, you are literally throwing money away.

The fact of the matter is that the way you market your business is the most important factor in deciding whether you actually stay in business or you become one of the majority of businesses that close their doors every year. If you are not adapting to the ever-changing landscape of how business is done, to how consumers find products and services, and to how technology is guiding the majority of the purchasing decision nowadays, then your business does not have very long to survive. Outdated marketing methods that used to work even a year ago are now extinct. Think about how many businesses advertised in the phone book even a couple of years ago. Now no one looks at phone books anymore. Businesses used to scratch and claw over commercial time on TV. Now everyone is either watching their shows on Netflix or Hulu or they have them on DVR so they can fast-forward through the messaging that these companies are paying millions of dollars for.

Your consumers are looking online every single day for whatever it is that you provide. Hundreds of people search the internet every day for your services. If you don’t believe me just search for the services you provide in your area on Google. But please don’t get pissed when you see your competitor show up first.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your company come on TV whenever someone thought about who provides your services in your area? Or your brand would flash up on a billboard whenever someone was driving by wondering who offered the best (INSERT YOUR SERVICE HERE) in your hometown? Well that’s exactly what ranking your website in the search engines is. And if you’re not doing it, you are handing money to your competition.

The fact is that there are going to be searches done every single month for the exact product or service that you provide, exactly where you provide it. Those people that are doing those searches are not doing it for fun. They are actively searching because they have a desire or need that they want fulfilled. Now whoever shows up when those people perform those searches have a damn good chance of being the ones that get to fulfill those desires or needs for these people.

And the more time your business spends NOT being the one that shows up FIRST whenever your services are sought out, the more money you are handing to your competitors.

I know this is not a popular stance. I understand that. People have a natural aversion to change. The brain is literally hardwired to associate a very high degree of risk with any kind of change. But if you don’t adapt. If you don’t change. If you’re not the one that shows up when people are looking for your services or products. Your business will not survive. That is why your marketing desperately needs a change. And the very best thing you can do for your business is put it in front of potential customers that are literally looking for your services at the time they are looking for them.

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