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To get a free no-obligation assessment of your current online/digital situation, and a plan of how you can more easily get back on track, Call 585-766-1234 or visit

For anyone, getting and converting traffic for your Website can start to feel hard, you could be doubting what you’re doing, or doubting what’s possible, and at the heart of it, you probably just have a lot of questions. Questions like:

How do I figure out, and prioritize the keywords I need to focus on?
What has to be done on-my-site, and off-my-site, to rank my site for these keywords on Google & Bing?
How do I show revenue Growth for the keywords, which the Keyword Rank is being increased for?
What about the Consequences of Panda 2.0, Penguin 2.0? …& “high quality, engaging” Content & Great Link-building Strategies?
(…there’s just a lot of questions.)

Now at, I help business owners and managers to get their Websites the organic search engine traffic that they have been looking for.

Not only that, but I show them how to calculate the revenue growth for the Keyword groups that the company should be focusing on, so your site can actually increase its SEO market share and SEO revenue dollars for your company’s goals & mission.

…because showing you how to get high-converting-organic keyword-traffic is my mission. It’s what I do every day.

If you have services …and/or… products, and you’re committed to helping your clients and helping your business — Then I am confidant that I can help you!

Even if you feel in a dead-end rut, or are starting to lose hope — just give me a call — because you might be surprised by what’s in store for you.

San Francisco and the East Bay Area — to get a free, no-obligation assessment of your current online/digital situation for your businesses Website, and a plan on how you can more easily get back on track, Call me today, at 585-766-1234, or visit me at

…because your ideal clients are searching, and they’re waiting, for you to help-them be able to find-you. So let’s get that done.

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