SEO Dashboard – How to rank your website – DIY PART 4


Though we can’t relocate brick-and-mortar locations, a service area business will be toggled accordingly. Meaning in regards to s.e.o the Proximity of Address to the Point of Search makes the Searcher-Business Distance important to the search engine.

While most recent articles focus more on how to prevent your site from being associated with bad online neighborhoods, trying to associate your site with good online neighborhoods is still considered a best practice.

With the advent of local search rising in importance over the past six years, citations have been rising in importance.

There are many tools available to help you mine the citations, but it’s quite easy to categorize them into online neighborhoods similarly to how links exist, so the Quality-Authority of Unstructured Citations is considered highly.

Add proper category associations. Make sure that you have used all 5 of the categories that Google offers. You have the ability to create your own categories if they do not have your industry listed. Make sure that the first category, your primary category, is the best suited for your business.

Data aggregation is any process in which information is gathered and expressed in a summary form, for purposes such as statistical analysis. so while gathering the data for your site rank make sure that you check the Quantity of Structured Citations to ensure better ranking.

Perhaps even more important is that links to your site and mentions of your business (aka “Local Citations”) can help your site rank well in both “national” organic search as well as in the Google Places results so with that in mind watch the Quantity of Inbound Links to Landing Page URL from Locally-Relevant Domains.


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