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Everyone asks about SEO; so what is it?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which is basically process of getting content or a URL ranked high in the search engines.

Ever wonder how Google chooses which site to rank above the others? What makes a website rank higher than the one below it? The process of getting sites to climb up in the rankings is SEO. SEO is also the process of keeping the website there.

So how does SEO work?
Well, the idea behind SEO is that Google is trying to put you (the consumer) in front of what is most relevant to what you are searching for. The search engines do that with complicated equations called algorithms.

Every search engine such as, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. has its own algorithm. So each search engine has a different set of criteria in how they rank websites.

The crazy thing is that the criteria always changes. It’s quite literally a full time job keeping up with what these search engines, such as Google, want your website to be like in order to make it rank above the others.

At Ascend Marketing we see SEO as doing exactly what Google says so they likes our websites more than the others of a similar category. Our SEO talks better with Google. Google likes our SEO more because we follow all the rules they want us to. We have everything in line with how they want to see it. So they read ours better and reward us because of it. The best part is that we can prove it!

So why do you need your website to be optimized?
Well, how else would you ascend up the rankings? How else would potential clients run into your website? You want your website to be found when people are looking for what your company does. What if your site was at the top of every major key word phrase in your industry? What would that do for your business? The cool thing is longer we manage your SEO the more key words we accumulate for you. Remember optimization is an ongoing process, not a onetime thing. Think of it as a balloon you’ve just blown up. In order to keep it up in the air you have to continually be in contact with it pushing it up and up over and over again. This is the concept behind SEO.

So let Ascend Marketing manage your SEO. Let us optimize your website so it stays right in front of people looking for what your business offers.

Ascend Marketing, your online marketing sherpas!

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