SEO 2017 – YouTube Videos and Google


SEO Tutorial 2017 – YouTube Videos and Google

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This next SEO tip shows you why you should invest time and effort into creating a YouTube channel.
Within Google, if I search for ‘SEO Tutorials Perth’. I haven’t specifically asked to look at videos or clicked on ‘videos’ or anything, I’m just in the regular Google search and typed in ‘SEO Tutorials Perth’, and the first result is which is my website, and the second listing here is also from the same website, but the third listing is a video.
This illustrates why you should have a YouTube channel, because obviously if you have a YouTube channel, and people search within YouTube for your videos, you want them to show up. But if you do it right, you can get your videos to show up in the regular Google results.
The whole point is that, on the first page of results, you’ve got 10 spots there, in the organic search results, and in this case the first two are from my website and the third one is from my YouTube channel.
So, it basically means that your competitors have been knocked down the page.
A lot of people like watching videos and it possibly, might not occur to them, to go to YouTube, but in this case, I am searching just regular Google for information and up comes one of my videos. And that really illustrates why you should have a YouTube channel.
It doesn’t seem to occur to people, that in the same way that you can do SEO for a website, you can do SEO for your videos on YouTube, and done right, you can get those videos to show up very well in the Google results.

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