San José, Costa Rica 2011 HD


Este es un conjunto de imágenes del Valle Central de Costa Rica, donde vive casi la mitad de su población. Aquí se encuentra la ciudad de San José la cual ha retomado su desarrollo vertical sin dejar de lado sus verdes parques, hermosos teatros y sus edificaciones antiguas. Fotos tomadas de la seccion de Costa Rica enúsica de Editus: 360

20 years ago the city of San José, capital of Costa rica was a dirty, careless and abandoned place, the people were settling down around San José and the capital had became in a center to take public transport to others cities, or a place to work, San José was a city for the traffic however the people had to walk by narrow sidewalks , now Downtown San José, have been changed and we can live a very good experience, there are many atractions to enjoy the city, little by little the people is coming back to downtown and as example of it are the new apartments buildings, people can walk freely in the new boulevards and we hope San José continue changing in order to be one of the best cities of central america
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