Road Trip Central America (Costa Rica to California) 1976 Land Rover


Restless of our near ideal hostel jobs and great waves in Costa Rica, Sam and I started to ponder the inevitable return to the USA. Fueled by late nights and a strict dawn patrol routine, our muggy surf less afternoons were a time hydrate and dream of adventure. Dreaming of whats around the corner, and how best to find out a plan started to brew. At first the plan was simple, we would find a car, and surf our way home, country by country. We would hug the coast, surf when there were waves, drive when there were not.
The truth is the plan never changed, we found a 1976 Series III Land Rover, near San Jose, and set a departure date. Quitting our l jobs, we scrounged up as much free gear we could find resulting with a tent, and Costa Rican Alamo map, and hit the road.

Countries in Order: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Baja via Mazalan to La Paz, USA

You can read about our trip here:

Song: “The Seeker, by: The Who, copyright 1970

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