Postcards and Parakeets | Part 1 – Costa Rica


We had an idea. Bought backpacks. Set our minds on South America. 2 months? Why not? Where is our adventure taking us?

Costa Rica
Bussing through Panama
Flying to Ecuador
Flying to Peru
Stopping in Bolivia
Flying to Chile
Next, to Argentina
Onward to Brazil and the Amazon

This trip is about discovery. It is about discovering ourselves and uncovering the ambiances of these amazing cultures. We will eat, drink, and laugh our way through these next 2 months. There may be some turmoil. We hope our relationship and travel savvy are tested (we are sure they will be). When we come out of this at the end of July, we will be better for it. And we will be ready to join the “real world” with a business worldview that will help us frame our personal decisions as well as our business decisions in the future.

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