Parties reject plan to end crisis; Zelaya, interim govt reax


San Jose, Costa Rica – 22 July 2009
1. Costa Rican President and mediator Oscar Arias sitting down for news conference
2. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Oscar Arias, Costa Rican President and mediator:
“In order to reach reconciliation and strengthen democracy, we ask the National Congress (of Honduras) to – in order to regain integration and the legitimacy of the powers constituted on 28 June 2009 – retract the condition of the executive power, the legislative power, the judicial power and the supreme electoral tribunal to what is was before June 28 2009.”
3. Delegation representing interim government president Roberto Micheletti
4. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Oscar Arias, Costa Rican President and mediator
“That (what he has just read) implies the return of Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales to the presidency of the republic until the conclusion of the current governing period, on 27 January 2010.”
5. Pan of room
Tegucigalpa, Honduras – 23 July 2009
6. Interim government Foreign Minister and chief negotiator Carlos Lopez entering news conference
7. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Carlos Lopez, Interim government Chief Negotiator and Foreign Minister:
“The proposal made by President Arias last Saturday, which had the return of Mr. Zelaya to Honduras as President of the Republic as its main point, was rejected because a judicial power does not lose its competencies over judicial matters. He could return as a private citizen, submitting himself to the justice system. But under no circumstances as president of the republic.”
8. Lopez and fellow delegates standing after news conference
Managua, Nicaragua – 22 July 2009
9. Various of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya walking into news conference
10. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Manuel Zelaya, ousted Honduran President:
“The mediation process definitively ended today. The agreement for the proposal that we accepted has to be signed by both parts. When the coup leaders didn’t sign it, the agreement became a complete failure.”
11. Zelaya talking to journalists
12. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Manuel Zelaya, Ousted Honduran President
“Tomorrow I will leave in the afternoon, if I have any problems I will delay the trip by a few hours, I am heading to Esteli and later to Somoto and Ocotal, and the next day to the border.”
13. Zelaya leaving
14. Zelaya in car
15. Car leaving with Zelaya in car
Talks on resolving the Honduran political crisis failed on Wednesday when the interim government indicated it would reject a mediator’s final proposal for returning ousted President Manuel Zelaya to power.
Zelaya, who is in neighbouring Nicaragua, declared the mediation effort a failure and vowed to return to Honduras on Friday without an agreement.
He said he would travel to northern Nicaragua on Thursday and try to cross the border by land the next day, accompanied by his wife and children.
“The mediation process definitively ended today,” said Zelaya, addressing a news conference in the Nicaraguan capital, Managua.
“The agreement for the proposal that we accepted has to be signed by both parts. When the coup leaders didn’t sign it, the agreement became a complete failure,” he said.
Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who mediated the talks with US backing, presented an 11-point plan that called for Zelaya’s return to the presidency in two days and offered amnesty for the coup leaders that ousted him.
Arias said the plan was his last attempt at mediating a peaceful solution to the conflict.
He said Zelaya and the interim government should turn to the Organisation of American States for a new mediator if they refuse to sign the agreement.
Arias’ plan is similar to an earlier proposal that Micheletti rejected.
Hugo Chavez.

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