Oscar Arias & Luis Paulino Mora block Constitutional rights of 1000’s of Human Rights abuse victims.


The Costa Rican Presidential Police – la DIS of the Oscar Arias, Rodrigo Arias, Laura Chinchilla & their business cartels spy on, blackmail, extort, abuse women and violently attack Congressional representatives of Costa Rica.

No one is safe or has protection from the “flagrant human rights abuses” of the Arias-Chinchilla-business cartel and their secret Presidential Police – la DIS.

They threaten. beat and intimidate the elderly, the handicapped, students, public and government workers, entire families and extended families using fear tactics and physical violence to terrorize all levels of society for money for perpetuation of the Arias financial cartel regime.
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It is this efficient means of terrorizing the family, bypassing intermediate persuasion and directly attacking – flensing the core of the family unit and its foundations that makes this security apparatus so highly feared.

“The Presidential Police – la DIS has served as an

effective tool for all kinds of abuses of

power by the ruling elites (U.S. backed business

cartels) who control it. ”

“La Policá Presidencial – La DIS han servido como eficaz instrumento para toda clase de abusos de poder por parte de las élites dominantes que las controlan.”

– Congress of Costa Rica

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The U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica- Ann Andrew and the US State Department have made every effort to deflect, block communications and cover-up these transgressions against the population of Costa Rica.

The Presidential Police of Oscar Arias, Rodrigo Arias and Laura Chinchilla “spy out of control” and have total immunity from the law through violations of Article #11 of the political Constitution of Costa Rica through their ownership of the Supreme court system and its judges.

You can send your voice of peace to help stop the violence, beatings and intimidation by Oscar Arias and Laura Chinchilla.

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