Nosara Costa Rica Aerial Yoga


Meet Haley, an aerial yoga teacher in Nosara, Costa Rica. Aerial yoga involves inversion and suspension—practitioners use hammocks suspended from the ceiling to hold various poses. It’s similar to other forms of yoga in that you position your body in ways that both strengthen and relax your muscles. It’s different, however, because you’re above ground the entire time.

Aerial yoga poses often involve inversion, which Haley says is especially helpful for people with back problems. Inversion allows you to hold a pose without compressing your vertebrae. Most of her students are beginners, she says, but all of them are able to get inverted within the first ten minutes of class.

How do you feel after an aerial yoga class? “Wonderful…a quarter of an inch taller,” Haley says. “Walking on air.”

Haley teaches at the Nosara Wellness Center and Harmony Healing Center in Nosara. She is currently the only certified aerial yoga teacher in Costa Rica.

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