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There are basically four things that you need to do for search engines to love your site.


The content is basically the text on-page, articles, titles and the description.


This is how fast a website loading. Is the uptime good? Does the site work properly all the time? Your website should always up; hence, it will be of no use to users no matter how much traffic you have on it.

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This is very important nowadays. Search engines (and of course, users too!) no longer have interest in reading websites that have generic content or a rehash of everything that’s on the web already.

They are looking for quality content and authoritative sites that can be referenced for information.

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User experience

Overall, your site should always provide an awesome user experience to anyone who visits it. It should easily be navigated and intuitive so they won’t get lost in the site. You should also offer a sense of security whenever they browse or shop at your site.

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