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The course will guide you into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In less than 80 minutes you will get to know all the essentials, in a both compact and comprehensive way.

Description du cours

The course will guide you into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In less than 80 minutes you will get to know all the essentials, in a both compact and comprehensive way.

The course consists of 3 Factors:

1. Learning your vocabulary: dive into the language of SEO. What are SERPS, brand and money keywords, broken links, power and trust, anchor texts, 301 redirects and content discovery? These and many more terms and their explanation are included in the lectures.

2. Get to know the Tools: there are numerous tools on the market to support you in optimizing your webpage, blog or shop. By showing hands on sessions you will learn how to use tools like e.g. Sistrix, Link Research Tools, Google Keyword Planner, Spike

3. Tips & Tricks: Obtain numerous concrete instructions on how to optimize your website in order to get ranked best in search engines. In the end of the course you will receive a summary in the form of a check list.

Topics you will learn about: Keywords, Search Engine Result Page (SERP), Search Index, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), On Page Optimization, HTML, Tags, Brand keywords, Money keywords, Long Tail / Compound key words, Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, H1 Headline, H2 Headline, Text Body, Keyword Stuffing, Supplementary Content, Video Captions, Image Alt Tag, HTML5 vs. Flash, Outbound Links, Internal Links, Backlinks, Broken Links, Authority Pages, Trustworthyness, Google Keyword Planner, Average Monthly Searches, Keyword Suggestion Lists, Google Suggest, Sistrix Visibility Index, Google Panda Update, Off Page Optimization, Link Graph, Page Rank, Power, mozRank, Link Farm, Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, Trustes Sites, Site Authority, Page Authority , Follow, No Follow, Power*Trust, Open SEO Stats, Link Partnership, Social Bookmarks, Web Directories, Anchor Text, Link Research Tools, seoMOZ, Link Profile, Co-Occurrence, Harmful Backlinks, Deep Link, Index Ability, User Sitemap, XML Sitemap, robots.txt, Canonical Links, Pagination, 404 Error, 301 Redirect, 302 Redirect, Response Code 200, Apache Mod Rewrite, Tidy HTML, Social SEO, Content Discovery

Credits: Cover picture by Leonardo Shinagawa on Flickr, CC Licence

Description complète Quels sont les prérequis ?

A Computer with a browser and internet access Que vais-je apprendre ?

Plus de 22 cours et 1,5 heures de contenu !
Know about all essential topics to make your web site rank best in Google
Be familiar with the language of SEO: from “brand keyword” to “content discovery”, from “SERP” to “authority pages”, from “Power times Trust” to “anchor texts”
Have a detailed understanding of which tool to use for which SEO task
Be ready to start off with the optimization of your web page
Quel est le public ciblé ?

A practical course with hands on sessions for beginners who want to know all essentials about SEO in both a comprehensive and compact way
A course for intermediates who want to wrap up about the different areas of SEO and their interrelations

Section 1: Introduction
Leçon 1
Aperçu 01:32
Leçon 2
Introduction: How Search Engines work
Aperçu 03:08
Leçon 3
Introduction: The 4 main Areas of SEO 02:38
Quiz 1
Getting Started 6 questions
Section 2: On Page Optimization
Leçon 4 On Page: Introduction
Aperçu 03:36
Leçon 5 On Page: Domain and Filenames 01:51
Leçon 6 On Page: Page Content 06:48
Quiz 2
On Page Optimization Part 1
9 questions
Leçon 7
On Page: Multimedia and Links
Leçon 8
On Page: Increasing your Trustworthyness
Quiz 3
On Page Optimization Part 2
5 questions
Leçon 9
On Page: Hands On Pt. 1 – Researching Keywords
Leçon 10
On Page: Hands On Pt.2 – Analyzing your Progress
Quiz 4
On Page Optimization Part 3
5 questions
Section 3: Off Page Optimization
Leçon 11
Off Page: SEO Metrics
Quiz 5
Off Page Optimization Part 1
6 questions
Leçon 12
Off Page: Browser Plugins
Leçon 13
Off Page: Backlinks and Anchor Texts
Leçon 14
Off Page: Harmful Backlinks
Quiz 6
Off Page Optimization Part 2
1 question
Leçon 15
Off Page Hands On: Analyzing Backlinks
Section 4: Index Ability
Leçon 16
Index Ability: Sitemaps and Navigation
Leçon 17
Index Ability: Canonical Links and Pagination
Leçon 18
Index Ability: Redirecting Pages
Leçon 19
Index Ability: Technical Preconditions
Quiz 7
Index Ability
8 questions
Section 5: Social SEO
Leçon 20
Social SEO: Introduction
Leçon 21
Social SEO: Content Discovery
Quiz 8
Social SEO
5 questions
Section 6: Summary
Leçon 22

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