NBC News Today- December 11, 1989 (first hour)


With Bryant Gumbel having the day off and Deborah Norville having “double duty” as news reporter and co-host, here is most of the first hour of the Today Show from December 11, 1989. The news segment is dominated about stories of the fall of the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe, from a new democracy in Czechoslovakia with Bob Jamieson reporting from Prague, Allied talks in Berlin, and a strike in the Soviet Union that eventually led to the dissolution two years later. Plus, several Central American presidents meeting in Costa Rica for efforts of a truce, Scowcroft’s trip to China to prevent missile sales to Syria with Henry Champ reporting, and a recap of last night’s NFL game. This morning, San Antonio welcomes Willard Scott as he gives us some facts about the city, weather, and birthdays. The Southeast Asian nation Cambodia is Today’s Close-Up this morning, with footage from a documentary and Jeremy Stone providing commentary as the nation looks to solve its problems. Next, Donald Ratajczak and Irwin Kellner discuss the state of the American economy as signs of a recession loom.

In the second half hour, a recap of the news presented in the first half hour along with a special message by George H.W. Bush about the reforms in Eastern Europe, along with hearings of the battleship U.S.S. Iowa and memorial services to a shooting rampage in Montreal. After a return to Willard in San Antonio with a couple of beautiful guests, Jane presents Don Majkowski as this week’s Sportsman of the Week alongside Green Bay Packers coach Lindy Infante. Finally, interviews with author Thor Heyerdahl on his visit to Easter Island, and Rona Elliot interviews Paul McCartney.

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