Natural Capital Speaks!, excerpt from ‘Investing in Natural Capital’


In a series produced by Griesinger Films from 1991 to 1996, the 180 minute DVD Natural Capital Speaks! presents four provocative 45 minute documentary videos that cover the historic emergence of the young science of ecological economics. Providing unprecedented access to the inspirational analyses and prescient warnings of some of the world’s most renowned ecologists, economists, scientists and politicians, Natural Capital Speaks! captures the fascinating, early days of an economics that counts the earth.
This excerpt is from : INVESTING IN NATURAL CAPITAL, 42 minutes, 1993, Stockholm, Sweden — Herman Daly, Robert Costanza, Paul Ehrlich, William Rees, Cutler Cleveland, AnnMari Jansson, Paul Ekins and others explore the earth’s carrying capacity as it relates to agriculture, international trade, property rights, and over-population. Filmed on the shores of the Baltic Sea, it is argued that we must shift investment from man-made capital to natural capital in order to adapt to a world with a new pattern of scarcity. The precautionary principle, per-capita resource consumption, ecological tariffs and more are discussed. Featuring the video map ‘World Population, 0000-2020’ by Zero Population Growth.
Be sure to watch excerpts from the three other videos in the series featured in the DVD ‘Natural Capital Speaks!’: An Introduction to Ecological Economics, Conversation for a Sustainable Society, and Costa Rica Counts the Future.

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