Meaning of the name Amalia,What is the meaning of the baby name Amalia?
Amalia is a name for a baby girl. It originates from German word which means „industrious“. Name Amelia is popular in USA, Germany, Scandinavian countries, France, Spain,Romania, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Latin America.
Famous bearers of this name are:
Amalia Holst , German writer
Amália Bezerédj, Hungarian writer
Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho, Portuguese writer and poet
Amalia Guglielminetti, Italian poet and writer
Amalia Domingo Soler, Spanish novelist
Amalia Pica , Argentine artist
Amalia Del Ponte , Italian artist and designer
Amalia Amaki, American artist and art historian
Amalia von Helvig , German-Swedish artist, writer
Amalia Küssner Coudert , American miniaturist
Amalia Lindegren, Swedish painter
Amalia Pachelbel , German painter and engraver
Amalia Ulman , Argentinian-born Spanish-raised artist
Amalia Pica , Argentine artist
Amalia Del Ponte , Italian artist and designer
Amalia Ulman, Argentine artist
Amalia Aguilar , Mexican actress
Amalia Bernabé , Argentine actress
Amalia Sánchez Ariño , Argentine actress
Amalia Fuentes , Filipino actress
Amalia de Isaura , Spanish actress
Amalia Mendoza, Mexican actress and singer
Amalia Pellegrini, Italian actress
Amalia Uys, South African actress
Amalia Carneri, Austrian opera singer
Amalia Paoli, Puerto Rican opera singer
Amalia Bakas, Greek singer
Amalia Rodrigues, Portuguese fado singer
Amalia Ramírez , Spanish singer
Amalia Riégo , Swedish opera singer
Amália Rodrigues , Portuguese singer
Amalia Soraya , Indonesian singer
Amalia de la Vega , Uruguayan singer
Amalia Ferraris , Italian dancer
Amalia Hernández , Mexican ballet choreographer
Amalia Aguilar, Cuban-Mexican actress and dancer
Amalia Molina , Spanish tonadillera and dancer
Amalia Matamoros, winner of Miss World Costa Rica in 2008
Amalia Pasoula, Greek trampolinist
Amália Sterbinszky, Hungarian handball player
Amalia Tătăran , Romanian fencer
Amalia Calzavara, Italian sprint canoer
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