Minneapolis SEO – How does SEO get your website traffic and make you money?

0 Comments SEO Minneapols – How does SEO get you website traffic and make you money?
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Search Engine Optimization simply means getting your website into the top Google and Bing results for more terms that make your company money.

Because people use Google, Bing and other search engines so many times when considering what product to buy or service to use – being in the top page, top 3 results and ideally being in the top spot for terms people search a lot can literally fuel businesses and increase revenue over time.

A standard process for SEO includes:

Keyword research and competitive analysis to make sure you’re trying to rank for the right things and there’s enough people searching for the terms you want to go after

Technical clean up, writing clear meta titles and descriptions to serve up to the search engines (this is the text that shows up in search results pages) – Writing alt tags for images so google knows what those images are, creating a sitemap and submitting to search engines, schema markup or any other code things that allow search engines to ‘understand’ what your website content is, better.

Content strategy! This involves alot of writing, both on landing pages, content hubs (to make your site into an authority on the subjects related to your products and services) and ongoing posting on a blog or similar to indicate that your site is putting out fresh content regularly and is relevant.

Getting links from around the web – Through local directory listings, Press release distribution far and wide, guest posting, and other methods, getting links on other websites in and out of your niche allows search engines to see your website as respectable and worthy of being higher in the search rankings.

Many of the keywords you’re rankin mg for have to be ‘high intent’  – meaning people are looking to buy when they search for them. This is why landing pages and ‘service pages’ with a good amount of content are so important, and by getting people to these pages when they’re looking you can see how this will earn your company money.

Being an authority online for MANY keywords – is good for your brand awareness.

Being an authority online for THE RIGHT keywords – is good for your bottom line.

My SEO Services are dedicated to making you money with both, and working with you in an ongoing way to get as much search engine traffic for searches related to your product or service so you can dominate in this space, and make more money.

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