Meaning of SEO – What Really is SEO? Designing for Users or Search Engines..Shari Thurow speaks


Bob Tripathi: One of the questions i often hear from folks not familiar with SEO is should i design for SEO or should i design for users. I mean i am of the opinion that what is good for users is also good for engines. But wanted to ask what is your take on it? How should people approach that topic?

Shari Thurow: Well, i look at the definition of search engine optimization and to me the definition of search engine optimization is to optimize for people who use search engines. If you optimize for search engines only is Google going to buy thousands or millions of dollars worth of products from you? No. People will. So you design for people first but yes you have to accomodate search engines as people use search engines to find sites. People First, Search Engines second. Always.

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