Living in Volcan Panamá with the Best Shopping in David (Lot For Sale Volcan , Boquete, Panama)

0 Comments presents this episode of Peepob’s travels. Today Peepob is at Mountain Peace Estates in Volcan Panamá.

This video encapsulates a 45 minutes drive from Mountain Peace Estates to David. A tour of shopping and dining there, with a safe return all in about 2 minutes. This drive is something to look forward to with breath taking vistas around each bend.

Volcan is located in the Chiriquí province of Panamá near the Costa Rica border. 80% of the countries food comes from this area. Grass fed cows is part of the scenery against the beautiful lush rolling hills.

Volcan is the sister city to Boquete located on opposite sides of the Volcan Baru Mountain range. They both have the same spring like weather and cool mountain ambiance.

Boquete has had a lot of publicity as a retirement destination however Volcan is catching up. To know more about Volcan and Mountain Peace Estates
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