Keyword Research Tips For Small Businesses


One of the most vital aspects of an effective digital marketing campaign is the effective keyword design.
A keyword is something that potential customers use to search for what they are looking for on the internet.
What does it mean to pick the right keywords?
I’m sure this has not been the only piece of content that has mentioned keywords.
Let’s start with making an analogy of what it means to pick the right keyword.
As a business owner, you know that location is everything. That is why the saying “Location Location” is such a popular saying.
Well think about keywords as a part of real-estate that will brining in the right type of customers at the times of operation.
Many SEO Companies charging extra for the keywords that bring in a substantial amount of traffic.
This is equivalent to setting up shop in a highly visible and well trafficked area.
A digital marketing company picks the right keywords for SEO purposes that will bring you more potential customers to your business.
For instance, when you type in “tennis shoes” in a Google search bar, “tennis shoes” is the keyword that customers are searching.
Keywords can be one word, and entire phrase, or even a question.
There are many different functions that can be used to define how you would like the keyword to be used.
What is meant by this?

It means that a location in Time Square is more expensive than a location two miles down from Time Square.
If you made any profit, it gets eaten up by the enormous rent that is due.
Your best bet is to find places near or in route to Time Square.
Not only will you benefit from the amount of business that Time Square brings to the city, but you also take advantage of the amount of lease you must pay.
This analogy also applies to keywords. Keywords essentially are real estate locations you can have for your business website.
Depending on the amount of traffic it gets, will also depend on how much work you want to put in to maintaining your business presence for that keyword.
With this day and age, internet users understand much better today how to use search functions on the internet especially on mobile devices.
You want your business to be as savvy about search as your target audience it at search for your products or services.
As they become more sophisticated and creative in their search methods, they are more exact in how they search on the internet.
Google is constantly changing strategically making changes to construct a more effective search engine for both users and agencies/marketers.
Finding the correct keyword for your customers is the “key” to digital marketing success.
S.E.W Marketing is dedicated to making sure you get the right “real estate”, to benefit from the traffic and conversion it brings.
If you’re looking to grow your business and put good use of your online properties, give us a call, or fill out a “Discovery Application” to see immediately how we can help your business.

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