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With two long coastlines it is much like the state of Florida.
The Atlantic Ocean on the east, and has a string of towering volcanoes on the Central Plateau
this is partly because it borders the Pacific Ocean on the west.
The dry season is the high season in Costa Rica all inclusive, December through April
Usually sees sunny mornings, with rain showers in late afternoon and evening, the green season.
With an average temperature of 72°F (22°C) the climate is tropical.
The staple of the Costa Rican economy are agricultural exports like coffee and banana.
Tourism has become the dominant economic force. It always played an ever-increasing role now.
Because provide a sustainable resource for tourism for generations of Costa Ricans to come,
ecotourism travel is the most preferred for expansion.
Sincerely and love to show off their country
Costa Ricans welcome all travelers and vacationers.
The capital and cultural heart of Costa Rica population over one million is San Jose.
A valid passport is a must have item to enter the country. In order to leave your country to come Costa Rica
some countries now require your passport to be valid for at least 6 more months.
Daylight saving time it does not currently use. Most hotels and restaurants offer purified tap water
the water in the major cities of Costa Rica all inclusive is safe.
Drink bottled water or seltzer to be sure you might prefer.
Costa Rica for cosmetic surgery or dental work many North Americans came.
Its always a good idea to exercise caution whenever one travels Costa Rica is a safe
destination for 99% of its tourists
As anywhere in the world,
the country has a low crime rate is simple thievery – non-violent crimes of opportunity, so just exercise caution.
Reputation as one of the most stable and prosperous Latin American countries
belong to Costa Rica all inclusive.
You will find all of that and more in this tropical and secure paradise whatever your interests.

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