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Does your business stand out in the search engines? Or doe’s your internet presence …well…suck?
If so you are literally robbing yourself of profits.
Online searches influence about 80% of all retail purchases.
Even with products purchased in store.
This means the retailer or brand must work to be at the top of the consumers mind.
Or loose them… maybe for good.
How does your website help your business?
Is it old and out of touch?
Or worse, You spent thousands getting your website redone,
and it sit’s in obscurity because it doesn’t rank.
It’s got to be more than just a prettty face to be popular.

Online presence and a satifying experience for the consumer is incredibly important.
But they have to find you first.
Where are you in the SERPs? That’s the Search Engine Reporting Pages, Like Google,Yahoo, and Bing
Where are you on social media? Facebook Twitter Instagram

Is your site responsive?
That means people can find you with their smartphone or tablet.
These days you will never be found if your site isn’t responsive.
And there are now more mobile searches done than desktop searches.
And about 50% of mobile location searches result in a visit to the place they
researched within a day.

For more information about getting you on the first page of the serps
call us now.
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