Jaco Beach Costa Rica – Is vulgarity vulgar if nobody is insulted?


Visiting Costa Rica for a week, I spent a few days in the Pacific coastal town of Jaco, which is much like a Latin American Santa Cruze California. Lots of young people, surf boards and big waves. This is one of the the most famous American expatriated destinations and I was researching a potential family vacation here in future years. This short clip focuses on the aspect of Sex tourism vs. Local culture. Some locals told me that the economy here is reliant on legal prostitution as the beach boast several major hotel resorts which are truly comparable to epic brothels. While surveying the community I found a rather ironic situation. In the lounge bars, Madonna and other 80’s artist played in the background while middle to older men were fish in a barrel to an overwhelming gathering of working girls who apparently make their way to the city each night to be ‘fishers of men’. In contrast, outside and right down the street, a street fair featuring mechanical rides, cotton candy and all the trappings of an open air fair operate in the cooler winter hours.

While visiting the Hotel lounge, I experience what I expected. Generally a bunch of wealthy middle aged white men visiting from US and Canada spending tourist dollars. Making a trip around the bar I was solicited and groped a dozen times by women who looked like high school prom dates all the way through grandmothers. Felt like a car wash in some ways, as long as I kept moving I was ok. But.. , what was truly shocking was the experience at the children fair. While sitting eating a chicken co-bob, I was listening to the loud music watching the bumper cars, and there came when I could not believe my ears. The music I was hearing was some of the hardest core sexualized music I have ever heard. Rather good I have to admit in studio quality and sound. At this point, I experience a serious conversation within about what is the nature of vulgarity and morality. I imagined I was on candid camera or something, it was so amazingly unbelievable. The only explanation I can think of is this culture does not care about hiding the idea of sex from their children. My runner up hypothesis is that this is these people way of keeping away tourist and Americans from mingling with them. Kind of like a ultrasonic sound machine claims to keep bugs away from your back yard picnic, perhaps this music keeps English speaking people away from the prominent Costa Rican family experience. I don’t know, but still, amazing. Some viewers have messaged me suggesting that they don’t know English and its a joke upon them. My experience was almost everybody knows some if not a lot of English in this tourist town , especially vulgarity.

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