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Richmond VA Business Marketing Consultant Freddie Hornedo Specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Profit Building Strategies in Richmond VA and the Surrounding Area.

Richmond, VA — Hornedo Business Consulting helps small to medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their companies, but who struggle to bring quality leads into their business consistently. Most business owners and entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do, but didn’t go into business for the marketing aspects. They’re often confused about how to effectively promote their businesses or struggle with where to best focus their marketing and advertising efforts for the best ROI (return on investment).

As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, Freddie (along with his wife Jessica) have worked through similar challenges — business consultants and coaches need to figure out the marketing side of their business like any business owner.

HBC works with their customers one-on-one to help them better understand the advertising and marketing side of their business by bringing depth, clarity and higher perceived value into the market place and help them generate a profitable strategy that brings quality prospects into their business consistently. In other words, revealing the most fruitful online and offline tools and tactics that are most appropriate for them.

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