Hiring All Around Virtual Assistant (Webmaster, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, SEO etc)


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My name is Gel Laxamana and I’m an all around virtual assistant.

What I mean by all around is that I can do almost every task that you need for your online business.
Whether it has something to do with your website.
If you want to create an online course, or a membership site, or an ecommerce store. Or if you just need help in revamping and improving your site’s SEO or design.

Or – whether it has something to do with marketing. I can help you set up marketing campaigns, like creating your lead generation and marketing funnel. Building email sequence to convert a lead into a buying customer!

My goal is to help you – bring out the uniqueness of your business.
So that it will stand out from your competitors. It’s very important that you a strong definition of your unique selling prep. And so your website and all marketing efforts are working synchronously to support your company’s Unique Selling Prep.

And this is hard to achieve if you have different people doing different things, especially if they are not working together as one.
The end result will be different.

This is is what makes me different from others. I’m not a perfectionist but I have a sense of efficiency. That whatever I do, I do it with an intention that it will serve it’s purpose.. for you and for your customer.


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