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Hilton Botanika Cosa Rica
Costa Rica’s land mass makes up but a small dot on a world map, and the Osa Peninsula is hardly visible. It is indeed a phenomenon that on this small footprint you will find “the most biologically intense place on Earth” Your future home will be located in this tranquil spot surrounded by lush forests, close to crashing waterfalls, and gentle streams where unusual wildlife abounds. In fact…there are 500,000 different species of wildlife…right here…and that translates into 3% of the world’s biodiversity.

It is also in this region that you will find more than 750 species of birds; more than in all of the USA and Canada combined! And where super pods of dolphins numbering more that 10,000 at a time come to congregate. It is also here that whales from both hemispheres come to teach their calves to swim. This is just the beginning of the magic of the Osa …home to The Sanctuary at Osa Peninsula.

With almost no pollution and lots of clean water and fresh air, Costa Rica is one of the only countries in the world to actually reverse deforestation by planting more trees than it harvests. And your Costa Rican neighbors boast a very high literacy rate and many of its citizens are in fact bilingual.

As you can imagine; the implications of an educated population are all encompassing. Not just in the fact that it represents a well-informed workforce, but that an educated culture reaches out to the lifestyles of other cultures. You will always feel welcomed and at home in Puerto Jimenez, and in Costa Rica.

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