Highest Bungee in Central America & Extreme Swing Costa Rica



Monte Verde, Costa Rica, Extremo Park Bungee jump and extreme swing GoPro videos

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This is the YouTube Channel of Greg Denning, filmed freestyle as he travels the earth with his family of eight. It includes life’s greatest lessons, proven strategies, tips and techniques for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and social growth, ideas for creating a fantastic family culture and inspiration for living deliberately and maximizing your full potential.
Greg is a leadership and personal development trainer, speaker, mentor and ‘walking antidepressant’. Growing up in a broken home, he ended up out on his own at a young age, spending some time homeless and lonely on the streets. These low points led him to commit to creating a ridiculously awesome life filled with meaning, purpose and love.

Greg was desperate to find the secrets of success and happiness. He found them, tried them and proved them. He’s been voraciously studying personal growth and peak performance for over 20 years! Sharing with you what he has learned and applied is part of his personal mission and purpose.
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