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0 Comments – This week in search, I come back to the February 7th Google algorithm update and show how big it was. Google said no comment on that update, sadly. Google updated their image search behavior in some countries to match the US and traffic declined big time afterwards. Google is labeling mobile friendly sites as not mobile friendly. Emojis seem to be back in the Google search results. Google is now showing up the best SEO companies, really? Google’s featured snippets followed mostly by the ‘people also ask’ feature. Did you see the dynamic loading people also ask feature in Google? Google says read your content outloud. Google may be brining more schema to the search results. Google explained what fast tracking indexing is. 45% of Google’s top search results are HTTPS. Google said disabling the browser back button won’t impact your rankings. Google said they review spam reports within hours or days. Google released a video on how to hire an SEO and said you need to give them 4-12 months. Google’s Gary Illyes posted several did you know SEO topics. Google updated the crawl status report for mobile apps in the Search Console. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

February 7th Google Algorithm Update Was Big :
Google: No Comment On The Google Search Ranking Update :
Google Image Search Traffic Drops Outside The US :
Google Labels Sites As Not Mobile Friendly That Are Mobile Friendly :
Emojis Return To The Google Search Results Snippets :
Google Carousel: Here Are The Best SEO Companies :
Google Featured Snippets Now Always With People Also Ask? :
Google Launches Dynamic Loading People Also Ask :
Google: Read Your Content Out Loud, If It Sounds Strange, It Might Not Rank Well :
Google Schema Support Coming For Jobs, Carousels & More :
Google Fast Track Indexing Vs. Normal Indexing :
45% Of Google’s Top Search Results Are HTTPS :
Google: Manipulating Browser Back Button Doesn’t Impact Search Rankings :
Google: We Review Spam Reports Within Hours Or Days :
Google Video: How To Hire An SEO :
Google: Give SEOs 4-12 Months To See Positive Ranking Benefits :
Google’s Gary Illyes Did You Know SEO Tweets :
Google Search Console Updates Crawl Status/Errors Report For Apps :

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